Thursday, July 12, 2012

{every journey begins with a single step}

Woah - here I am putting myself out there into the scary big wide world of blogging! I am a very long time craft and diy blog reader, but have been busy living my life in the background, and in all honesty, suppressing these amazing creative juices that run through my veins.

I am now scared but ready to put myself out there and show what I am made of.

In the last couple of weeks, ever since I decided I was going to do this thing, I have been one happy little beaver. Putting the kids down to bed, and then whipping out my supplies which have been gathering more than their share of dust, and playing around with bits and pieces I have stashed away.

I look forward to unveiling some of these little projects as they reach completion.

However firstly... a few things you should know about me!

1. I am spontaneous... In 2011, the Hubs and I decided a little sabbatical was in order.. we had had enough of the big city of Auckland, and decided to go south for a year to Dunedin. What an idea, and it was more than I could have imagined! I look forward to sharing a little bit more about this experience that changed my life. Fast forward a year later to now though, and we have returned to our home, which we rented out to 'friends' in our absence. Well it is true, no tenants will ever really look after your house.. We now have a lot of fixing up to keep us busy!!

2. Home is where your stuff is. When we moved to Dunedin for a year, we probably could have stored all of our gear, but instead we did our homework and found a shipping option we were comfortable with, and then took almost every stick of furniture and miscellaneous item that we own away with us. I am SO glad we did this! I loved having not only the people I love with me, but the things I love to. All of those little bits and pieces collected over my few years as an independent home owner really gave me a sense of 'home' even though we were far from it.

3. I have no single sense of style. Nope not one. But MANY! I am in love with so many different 'styles'. French, vintage, shabby chic, modern, retro... all sorts... At the moment I would say I am going through a very colour restrained phase, but I feel those bold colours ready to burst out at any time... just look at that pop of yellow in the header - watch out... it's coming!

4. I am cheap! Although the hubs would not agree.. actually what I mean is I just LOVE a good bargain. I frequent op shops and sales and would like to begin garage sale-ing - if only the hubs would stop working so hard so I could leave the house solo on a Saturday morning... although I may just take the leap and get the kids out there garage sale-ing with me - I am sure they would love it too! Whenever a big purchase is on the cards I do my homework and find the most economic solution - and enjoy the whole process too.

5. This is the single most scary thing I have done in the last five years. Makes my life sound a bit dull.. But what I do is personal. It is me. And I plan on putting it all out there. Scary means exciting though and I am SO excited! I look forward to building a readership and getting to know each and every one of you! Welcome to my blog - home {made}.




  1. Yay, good for you, I look forward to your crafty endeavors!

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. It's so addictive!! Loving your craftiness I'll be back! M xx