Saturday, November 17, 2012

DIY Anchor wall hanging -Refuse To Sink

I have made this anchor wall hanging as a gift for my cousin who has turned 21! Another reason why I love Pinterest so much is that I was able to stalk her boards and figure out the PERFECT gift. I just cannot wait to give this to her!

My inspiration for this creation was mainly from her pinterest board almost entirely dedicated to anchors.

Using one of the beautiful rustic frames that the hubs made up a while back (that have been sitting, waiting, and BEGGING me to do something with) I followed the same technique used on my deer head silhouette.

1. Find and print an image and cut to size for your frame.

2. Scotch tape the surface area of the frame and press firmly.

3. Stick the image down on top of the scotch tape prepped frame.

4. Using a craft knife carefully trace the image and cut firmly so that the scotch tape underneath is scored. Remove the scotch tape (you can use this technique to paint the outside of the silhouette too by removing the outside scotch tape) and your 'stencil' is now complete.

5. Paint!

6. Allow the paint to dry a bit and then peel off the remaining scotch tape. Voila! You are done!

I added an embellishment to the finished product. A wee sign 'refuse to sink' made from a tea stained old book page.

Emily's beautiful gift then posed in various parts of the house before getting dressed ready for her party tonight.

I am really looking forward to giving this to Emily tonight and I hope that she loves it. I really enjoyed making it and I am now motivated to give the rest of my frames some diy love.

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