Friday, November 2, 2012

Easy portable herb garden

The easiest part about this herb garden, is that the other half did all of the hard work for me!

He heard my call and he answered. It was a nice surprise too as he got busy planting it up with the kids and I was none the wiser until I stepped outside for a look. So far we have from the bottom to top: Purple Basil, Coriander  Parsley, Rosemary, and a Chilli plant. Those are definitely my four favourite herbs covered although I may like to add some green basil and mint in the near future.

And in this next view, you can see a corner seat he is building for the back garden.

Yes things are finally happening here again at homemade-ally! We have had a horrible initiation into spring, but the good weather is here at last and the seasonal affective disorder is over. We look forward over the next few weeks to sharing a few updates and some future plans.... especially the next on the list - a salad garden!

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