Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rustic wall hanging

Our first project is complete and I couldn't be happier!

Full credit to the hubs though as he was the brains behind this one....

He made the frame up from recycled tongue and groove that he cut to size and glued together.

The 'blank canvas' looks like this:

At this stage of completion we still had no idea what we wanted to put inside the frames. I thought I quite liked it empty, and then thought maybe some photo's taped on with washi tape... but then we actually did a little trip around the house and found the item's that made the cut - each of them telling a little story about our family.

The key is for our son. He has had a 'thing' for keys from a young age, especially since seeing the movie 'Coraline'. He likes to play and pretend with skeleton keys, opening mini invisible doors to magic passageways. The butterflies are for our daughter, who naturally as a four year old girl has a thing for pretty things with wings (not limited to butterflies at all), and the two safety pins are one each for my son and daughter.

The lion knocker is for the hubs who is fierce a Leo by star sign and a lion lover. And probably most obvious, the fish, that spells my name is for me! Not that I have any mad feelings for fish (apart from enjoying eating fish) a long time ago the hubs made it for me on a slow day at work.

We both like the mixture of materials and the contrast between the steel and old wood.

When it was up on the wall though it looked just a little bare. So we added one final and finishing touch. A wee shelf for nick knacks.

Another thing I like about this hanging, is that once we get tired of the current arrangement, we can easily rearrange and substitute items. But for now, we are liking it a lot!

We have hung this in our living room, above the TV which makes it a center piece in the room. I wish I could show you a wide view of where it is hanging but we actually have another little project happening underneath... I should be able to reveal it in no time though - I hope!

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  1. I. LOVE. IT.!!! It's absolutely PERFECT!

  2. Love it Girl! Quirky, rustic, unique- just fab!

    1. Thanks!! I hope to join in on many more 'parties' at your place :-)

  3. This looks great! Of course I especially love the brass owls because I have a thing for owls :)

  4. Hi Alex,
    I found you on the SITS forum and am your newest follower! I love this wall art. Especially because of the hidden meaning and how it represents your family!